18 hours ago

".....i am not worried that poems reach relatively few people. as it is, they go surprisingly far - among strangers, around the world, farther than the words of a classroom teacher or the prescriptions of a doctor. if they are very lucky, farther than a lifetime."

3 days ago

.the kid spit some real shit no dim wit the light lit / but drool drips a fool in love language delighted / too quick with the sickness I am him excited / taste fun dip pace running trip wicked I'm enticed in // uninvited unrequited sighted mic rips / eat new diets speak truth riot likeness I flip / so misguided coal diamonds divided rhyme slips / slightly enlightened fly 20 sided mind grips // ahold of way too much to make sense of right now / you can ask the questions of what where when why how / but when the clock is a construct of a brain wild / how can anyone comprehend the conduct style // I'm everything nothing and all that's in between / so that's gotta be something guess seconds will see / and while minutes might seem to leave hours hygiene / it's the days months into years unclean no time machine.#writerscommunity#writersofinstagram#poetsofinstagram#poetrycommunity#writtenword#lyrics#rhymes#poetry#landscapelovers#wickedflip